Topographic Works

Our office owns modern topographic equipment:

  • geodetic GPS receivers
  • Geodetic total station
  • Fathometer
  • Spacebar

All high accuracy for the compilation of topographic works and diagrams incorporated in the Greek Geographic Reference System (EGG 87) or other systems that serve:

  • Contracts: (real estate purchases, parental benefits, donations)
  • Building and operation permits
  • Topographic mapping
  • Property demarcation
  • Property Locating
  • Definition of shoreline and beach
  • Define a streamline
  • Area measurements
  • Forestry office
  • Archaeological office
  • Division of land – plots and ownership
  • Integration of real estate on the Cadastre
  • Objections to the Cadastre
  • Installation of photovoltaic systems
  • Certificate of buildingability
  • Act of calculation, invitation, change of street studies
  • Definition of Building and street lines
  • Sounding
  • Road works
  • Reforms

Topographic diagrams are prepared in accordance with the rules of the applicable legislation and the technical rules.

Our firm does photo interpretation, using and interpreting aerial photographs from the archives of the Army Geographical Service, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Greek Land Registry and Mapping Organization (ECOFIC). E.) and other organizations.

The photo interpretation technique is used to:

  • identify the boundaries of your property
  • resolve a litigation concerning your property
  • the chronological documentation of the construction of a property
  • objections to the Forestry Office
  • evidence of the existence or not of old paths, streams, buildings or other structures

Our firm provides you with copies of the interpreted aerial photographs accompanied by a special technical expert report suitable for judicial or other use. Our experience has been proven through a multitude of cases, both judicial and extrajudicial, which we have been assigned and successfully carried out.

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