Our office undertakes all studies are required for the issuance of a building permit according to Law such as:

  • Topographic planning
  • Architecture study and surroundings
  • Structural design
  • Fire protection study
  • Studies of electromechanical installations
  • Building Energy Efficiency Study
  • Project execution time planning
  • Plumbing and drainage design
  • Gas fuel study
  • Safety and Hygiene File and Plan (FSA, OSH)

The building permit is valid for four years after its issuance. For a building or buildings with a total area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters the permit is valid for six years.

Our firm collects all the supporting documents and prepares the required studies for the issue of small-scale permits.

The small-scale permit is valid for 12 months.

The Small Scale Works, in accordance with article 4 par. 2 of Ν. 4076/2012 (ΦΕΚ 79Α) ΝΟΚ as it stands, are the following:

  • Demonstrations of the soil and excavation after a document of the competent archaeological service.
  • Installation of prefabricated houses for self-housing of disadvantaged and special population groups as defined each time.
  • Pumping installations and buildings with the absolutely necessary dimensions for housing in accordance with Article 3 of the Presidential Decree. 24 / 31.5.1985 (D 270), except where columns are required to be built and approved by the competent Directorate for Agriculture.
  • Drilling of water on privately owned plots within a design or within a settlement or in off-plan land, subject to approval by the municipality of the area and the competent district administration.
  • Work required for geotechnical surveys, according to the 2003 R & D, without supporting work.
  • Installation of temporary structures accompanied by a certificate of static adequacy.
  • The construction of a lift in accordance with Article 27 (2) required for the movement of persons with disabilities or handicapped persons in existing buildings or in buildings with an internal cabin dimensions outside the specifications of ELOT-EN 81-70 or in buildings Where elevators should be extended to accommodate people with disabilities or handicapped persons.
  • Cutting trees in approved street plans or ZOE Which are not protected by the provisions for the protection of forests and forestry general areas or by provisions of archaeological or protected area legislation or other relevant legislation.
  • Underground stations for the distribution or measurement and regulation of natural gas.
  • Installing scaffolding. In this case, a Project and Safety and Health File of the project should be deposited with the appointment of the coordinating coordinator in accordance with the provisions of p. 305/1996 (A305) and declaration of assumption of responsibility by a mechanic for the supervision of the project.
  • Installation of construction sites.
  • Excavation of cable routing channels within the plots or plots of liquid fuel stations for the installation of input-output systems.
  • Installation of underground, prefabricated gas fuel tanks at service stations.
  • External coloring or replacement of railings or repair of coatings or repair of facades using scaffolding and / or in areas designated as traditional settlements, areas of natural beauty, archaeological sites, historical sites, traditional settlements, traditional sections of cities and / or in buildings designated as Monuments, listed buildings and their protection zones.
  • Investing facades and replacing curtain walls.
  • Construction of a pergola in grounded open spaces, or in the surrounding uncovered space, or in the grass or on the roof or on the open terraces or on terraces of ground and floor.
  • Installation of an unoccupied pool of water or swimming pool with a maximum surface area of ​​50 m2 serviced by compacted external compressor systems and the installation of a reinforced concrete wall and provided that the height of all structures at no point is Is more than one meter (1.00) meter from the final ground level, and no excavation or extraction of the soil is more than one (1.00) meter in length, and the required planting of the required aggregate yptou space. Installation requires a statement from a competent engineer who assumes responsibility for the static and electromechanical safety of the construction and facilities.
  • Installing antennas.
  • Internal arrangements, provided that the elements of the building structure are not affected.
  • The construction of planted rooftops and planted surfaces.
  • Installation of external thermal insulation or passive solar systems on exterior facades of existing buildings, provided the facades are not altered.
  • Maintenance, roof repair using scaffolding.
  • Simple rooting from masonry up to a height of 1,00 meters or fencing from lightweight material, fields in out-of-area areas, and fencing with a rough construction (such as wire mesh) on plots not planed in in-plan areas. It is also permitted to demarcate the stakes of a plot or a stadium.
  • The construction of a stone-built warehouse on the cultivated farms, according to article 6 par. 24 / 31.5.85 Gazette 270Δ, with a surface of up to fifteen (15) square meters and a total roof height of up to three (3,00) meters if no reinforced concrete is used on its roof and is manufactured independently of any existing main Once per building and after approval by the competent Agriculture Directorate.
  • Manufacture of hobs, ovens and fireplaces where these do not affect the static adequacy of the owner-occupied property.
  • Replacement of the roof, in the same dimensions, without changing the volume and without increasing the final height of the building and the roof.
  • Installation of solar and photovoltaic systems.
  • Functional combination of sites of paragraph 10 of Article 10 of the Building Regulation (3046/89, Gov. 59 D & Dec.13448 / 12, Government Gazette 116 / APR).
  • Performing visual interventions (Decree 9584/11, Government Gazette 492 / B).
  • For the approval of small-scale works provided for in Article 14 of Law 3907/2011 (Government Gazette 7 A) as supplemented by article 25 of Law 3922/2011 (GG 35 A) of cases of change of use.

Our office undertakes the preparation of all the studies necessary for the issuance of an operating license and usually concerns:

  • Stores of hygienic interest
  • Tuition and Foreign Language Tuition
  • Hospitals
  • Gyms
  • Pharmacies
  • Grill houses
  • Bakeries
  • Hairdressers
  • Open car parks
  • Canteens
  • Nurseries
  • Physiotherapy
  • Swimming tanks
  • Playground